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"In creating a better environment

we are refining

the bases

of our future

invoking an

efficient and

conscious living".















"Where well-being ideas become real spaces"

We are a complete service architecture workshop concentrating on tailor-made design and customization process execution.


Established in 1996, BAS has been a New Jersey leading Architectural Studio committed to improve and create exclusivity and finest residential and commercial properties. Russell Bodnar founder, President and lead Architect for BAS studied in New York City at Pratt Institute and at The University of Copenhagen. His curious mind and talent features a combination of new constructions and reuse of existing spaces, in addition to reorganizing buildings, and comercial developments of an industrial and residential plans.

While continuing to design houses, over the years Russell Bodnar has also worked on hotels, restaurants, industrial and commercial buildings, as well as street furniture and exhibition stands. Clarity of shapes and volumes in his work, and their blending into the landscape have made Bodnar one of the most followed among a new generation of architects in New Jersey State.

BAS ventures range from specific residential models to complex and large new commercial buildings. Listening to our Client's specific needs is our priority and developing a unique project that gives the outward expression and personality of the owner. We create spaces conducive to our customer’s way of life. We specialize in working closely with developers, engineers and builders permitting a personal process of discovery  and accomplishment achieving excellent outcome.

Our substantial knowledge in construction and design is permitting  us to engage with confidence with our clients while providing a clear expectation during the design and construction process.

In creating a better environment we are refining the bases of our future invoking an efficient and conscious living. 

"There is no question we cannot answer and no problem we cannot resolve".





Our team is dedicated to follow with attention the values and functionality of the design   in which we are working on. Our understanding and perception of our Client’s world is the most important factor  allowing us to elaborate a project where the ambient becomes the future of a finest architectural structure. Our responsibility is to influence the success of the project by designing a durable and current space for ever.



In our Studio we are constantly designing spaces that facilitate connection with human and nature. By specifying products and materials that maintain the level of performance necessary for commercial application but at the same time expanding the impact in the feeling and finishes of the design and engineering. 



We are always living and experiencing spaces, however, we take for granted this daily encounter with nature, architect and design. Our Architects and Partners work together in keeping alive the ideas and inspirations that makes our work and creation of projects a unique representation of strong commitment to deliver always the best results. Our workshop is also a place where experience has the upper hand manifested in every visit, meeting or blue print that has been discussed, shared or finalized. We are proud to also been called Artist of the esthetics and for bonding and believing in the diverse inputs within our BAS team. We embrace integration as part of our daily mission to make the process of every project a wonderful end destination of the beginning of brand new materialized thoughts in spaces that once were forgotten. 


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