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Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Bedminster NJ garage is under construction becoming a dream project preparing you for inspiration.

This project is a tribute to possibility through thoughtful design choices. As we research for traditional renovation projects to highlight, we decided early on that we would give consideration to those that came with a crucial element, the "before" shot. Usually taken quickly the before picture is difficult to incorporate into a layout due to its lack of composition. However, it is a crucial part of the elements that makes an architectural story so satisfying.

“When simplicity beats complexity by shaping our Client's concepts into spaces that reflect the owner style enhancing functionality, dimensions and design".

In this News preview we will present a renovation progress that celebrates the power of transformation in a variety of stages, from nothing to gradual updates.

While the owners of this 1700s property received a brand new garage transforming the empty area in what today can be determine the "modern barn". Bedmister NJ is noted for having one of the most historic revolutionary war sites in the United States showcasing the the monumental and extravagant Baroque architecture that Europe and England brought back then. The symmetrical design, classic proportionality and decorative elements that remain intact when visiting this beautiful part of New Jersey. This young couple wanted to keep this influences by simultaneously embracing the challenge of building a "simple but beautiful and traditional garage that allows the rest of the site to go hand by hand overall.

BAS and its Partners are using natural building materials in this structure representing an affordable way to build respecting the grand space that this farm lands constitute.





Charles Gravel Carpentry


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